Friday, October 9, 2009

Asian Disasters

I'm sure many of you have seen either on the news, internet or the paper about the death tolls in Asia due the the recent natural disasters.

Today it was reported that the Indonesia quake death toll rose to 739 people with 295 people still unaccounted for. Additionally, 2,219 people have been injured. 410 survivors are living in tents and makeshift houses. This is so sad.

Typhoon Melor hit Japan yesterday, Oct 8, 2009. The current death toll is only5, but 100 have been injured and over 400 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

And my home country - the Philippines. Much of the Philippines is under water after back to back storms across northern Philippines. Typhoon Melor managed to stop over the Philippines. The rain has caused major flooding and land slides. The death toll is now soaring past 540 after rain triggered landslides killed over 100 more people. Many people are still missing.

I tell you this because I ask for your prayers for all the dead, their families, and the families still suffering.

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