Monday, October 26, 2009

Snowboard Pants

Sometimes I wonder if it's me or the industry... the clothing industry. It was one thing when girls started wearing skinny jeans, but now men are too... and now even snowboard pants are coming skinny!

I recently ordered a pair of Sessions gore tex "Rush" pants and of course the matching gore tex "Pixie" jacket. I couldn't wait to get them in the mail and when I did, I immediately tried them on only to discover the pants didn't fit. I know I'm not a skinny girl, but I am not full figured... I'm a girl with an average waist and a larger than average ass. Well these pants were tight in the booty area. I did get them on, zipped & buttoned but I couldn't imagine riding in such tight pants. Then I looked down and noticed the pants were falling shy of my ankles. They were simply too small in all respects. I frowned as I went online to print out my return label to send them back. Even the pic on the left looks short no?

I just don't get it... for the butt to be small, I expect ... even regular jeans give me trouble. I usually have to get a size much to large for my waist to fit comfortably on my butt and thighs. But even length... what's up with that?

In any event, I just ordered the Roxy Shimmer pants which are also gore tex and though they don't match my jacket in brand, I think they will compliment them nicely. But it still makes me wonder who they are making these pants for... the girls who sit in the lodge sipping diet cokes and hot cocoa? The girls who can really bust through the pow, stomp landings, and grind rails have some muscular legs - where are they squeezing those muscles into?

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