Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Traditions...

That we don't think we are doing...

  • Married in your home parish - it simply meant more to us to be in an environment filled with awe inspiring beauty ... barely touched by man and created by God
  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - really? what is the point
  • Father giving the bride away - I am an independent woman... separated from my father for quite some time. I can give myself away to the man I love.
  • White aisle runner - It is a church... you don't get much more significance of walking on holy ground than that.
  • Unity Candle - We are quite comfortable that the two of us will have family unity (the large candle)... but there is really no reason to pretend like there is this unending unity between our individual families (the smaller ones). Besides - because everyone else is doing it, is not reason enough to have it be part of our wedding.
  • Waltz or traditional 1st dance - we aren't traditional people. Smashing Pumpkins speaks to us so that is what we will dance to.
  • Garter Belt toss - Honestly, a garter is a piece of lingerie, I don't need mine tossed to the single friends and relatives attending my wedding.
  • Bouquet toss - what is the point. It means nothing and highlights each woman's singleness, some of whom may be proud and some ashamed. Why bother?
  • Grand exit - we don't plan on leaving, we intend to finish off the night with our guests who traveled far to be there... not leave them there to wind down the night alone
  • Throwing of confetti- it's to with the couple a fruitful union... but honestly it's impractical. Our loved ones can just pray that we have one instead.
  • Tying shoes/cans to the car - we are sleeping in the hotel that the reception is being held. It would serve no purpose.
  • Carrying the bride over the threshold- we'll see, Paul'd have to pick me up 1st
  • Honeymoon - with a destination wedding, it's just impractical
  • Veil - I still don't know if I want to wear one
  • White - I'm still pure though not chaste but we don't need everything to be white to show that.
  • Lasso - though a Hispanic and Filipino tradition, we wont be doing it
  • Visit to Mary - though I pray to Mary often, I wont be walking to her with my mother during the ceremony
  • Pinning of money to the garment - get real
  • Veil ceremony - I don't like it's symbolism
  • I'm sure there are more but these are the ones that immediately crossed my mind

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