Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Weddings

Has anyone heard or seen this show on TLC? It makes me sick to my stomach.

1st off - some background:
4 brides compete to win a honeymoon of their dreams. The way this works is for each bride to attend eachothers' weddings and are then told to rate them from a score of 1-10. In the end, the bride with the most points wins.

I hate this show for the simple reason that they take marriage out of wedding. How dare some one else compare what they believe is a good wedding based on the weather, the body type and dress fit, venue location, food choice and liquor availability. It makes me sick.

Not just do those women not deserve a free honeymoon, but they don't deserve a marriage... they need to 1st evaluate their priorities and remember a wedding is not about the wedding DAY but about the MARRIAGE that they will live EVERY DAY.

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