Sunday, October 24, 2010


I simply have one of the most amazing mother in law's in the world. There isn't much more to say than that. She raised two amazing sons. I'm lucky enough to be marrying one and be best of friends with the other. She struggled and worked hard to give her kids a life that she thought they deserved. She sacrificed so much for her family. And she just gave the biggest gift through one of the biggest sacrifices anyone can give... she extended the life of her two boy's father... by giving him one of her kidneys. I've been with her ever since and I've learned so much about her... but what I learned most is that I can only wish to be as strong and forgiving and compassionate as this woman. And I can only hope to follow in her footsteps and raise children as well as she had.

She does everything with grace, dignity and love. And I admire her. I'm grateful and lucky to have spent these last few days with her. Despite the circumstances being what they are... we've talked, we've bonded, we've loved... and I've learned so much more about her. I'm truly grateful for this time, for this chance, for this opportunity to bring myself closer to one of the most exceptional women I've ever been privilaged to meet, let alone call one of my mothers.

I wish her a fast recovery and high spirits through the hard days. I know that they will come when we can no longer keep her mind and body occupied the way it must in these days after surgery. I also pray for the health of my father in law. I hope that he recovers quickly and continues to improve and work hard at treating that kidney the way it needs to be teated... with excerise, a proper diet and a proper attitude. I'd be honored to house one of my MIL meals inside me...let alone an organ. And I know if I was able to carry her with me forever, I would, and I'd provide that part of her a home it would deserve.

I love my new family... and I thank God that I've found not just a man whom I love more than everything on this earth, but a family that I'm proud to call my own. I'm happy that this little family of 5 (yep ... Daisy too) is now 6... and hopefully soon will become 7 and once that happens... I hope my children have the honor of growing up with Andy's and Lauren's and then this family will grow even bigger. I family who wouldn't think twice about giving a husband, brother, wife or cousin the gift of life.

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