Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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Tonight, upon getting home and checking the mail, I noticed we got our 1st response card back. I was kind of excited to open it... and once I did, I was less excited.

It's not that I didn't expect it. It's not even like I didn't already know. But opening your 1st decline is a little disheartening. Anyway... it is one of Paul's brothers. It is because of this that it brought me down.

This particular brother hasn't exactly been a big presence in Paul's life... especially at big events. He is quick to attend a BBQ ... eat and run. He is generally unreliable to be present at most affairs though. A lot of that had changed after his son was born... but it didn't change enough. He generally doesn't reply to RSVPs so I suppose we should feel grateful. He also manged to say yes to Paul's bachelor party.. then not show. Not only didn't he show, but Paul had to call his house and then talk to his wife... then to him before he made up some excuse. He never showed up to a graduation or any other big event either. So why act surprised? Well... because he and his wife talk a lot of shit about how we should be a bigger presence in their son's life. They want to do things together. They want to be asked to go to the Zoo when my company gives free tickets. They want to feel part of the family? Maybe. I think they are just so used to doing things the selfish way... that they are just using the people around them. Too bad too, because I liked seeing them.

So yeah... I'm annoyed. It just brought a well if animosity to the forefront. But this isn't about Paul and his relationship with his brother... or mine for that matter. It's about me and Paul... and I need to remember that. I need to not let the BS cloud my thinking.

But either way... ugh... some people really don't deserve your love or hospitality. I'll remember who should get cut from the list before I waste the money on invitations and stamps for the next event.

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