Friday, October 15, 2010

Why I'm Marrying Him...

I know exactly why....

I came rushing home Saturday after a great day bonding with my baby sister to see Paul, get dressed and get out the door to celebrate my brother in law's birthday. In that mad rush of driving, dressing, and drinking... I must have forgot something.

Sunday while trying to get through our long day of running around, Paul held a plastic bag up and said, "shouldn't this be in the fridge"? Yes... yes it should have been. It was a Costco sized $20 worth package of chicken breasts that I had asked my mom to buy me. And now... now that was chicken's dying for nothing, $20 wasted, and food in the garbage while many human beings are starving in this world.

So what's the rational reaction to such discoveries? Crying hysterically at all the above things of course! With my period flowing fiercely and my emotions being crazy... I lost it. I buried my head in Paul's shoulder and balled about the chickens, the money, and the food... and what did Paul do. He held me tight and told me that it was okay and that it was a waste but only a mistake and that it would all be okay.

So yes, I want nothing more than to marry this man. Not because he accepts my irrational emotional outbursts... but because he loves me. He loves me simply... which is easily the purest kind of love.

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