Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thought Questions:

Lately, I've been busy... to busy. I haven't really blogged and I haven't really read, but today, I can catch up a bit. Many of you know that once Andy had sent me an email with some excerpts from thoughtquestions.com and now I'm hooked!

So here are a few from the last few days:

I can name a few things I really want in this moment. I don't know if I truly want 1 more than the others but if I had to chose 1 I'd say the health and love of my family to flourish. Not just my blood family, but my whole family.

I'm waiting for Paul. Once he finishes school, we can begin to plan our short term life together... but we've wasted no time thinking and dreaming about our future.

I honestly believe that what makes love last is mutual respect. I believe that with respect you allow your relationship to be filled with God, love, understanding, trust, etc...

I've learned what it means to try and be more than I am. And I think in trying to be more than I am... I've become more than I was.

Very little comes from suffering. You must work hard, pray hard, try hard and love hard to accomplish all good things, but through those times, you may suffer. The results do not come from the suffering. It is only a byproduct.

Happy, married in a healthy relationship, a mother, I friend, a companion, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter and a better human being than I am at this moment.

Making my mother-in-law happy and helping her feel loved.

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