Friday, July 8, 2011

Coat Closet

Do you know... after all my wanting to create a coat closet organizer I realized (or more like Paul did) that we have NO coat closet in our new apartment.

The front door enters directly into the dining space. I'd like to minimize clutter as much as possible but not at the total expense of convenience. So as much as I hate these things, we may need a coat rack.

They sell for about $25+ at places like Ikea, Target, Walmart, etc... so it's a thrifty solution... but is it really a solution?
It may give the appearance of ... clutter! On the plus it's something we can put away (read as hide) in the warmer non jacket wearing months.

Another option is to hang some hooks behind the door.

This one is a few in a row and would hold up quite a few coats, but do we want it to?

This might be a better option. We can hang 2 - 4 of them in a diamond or a diagonal spaced fairly far apart. That way we can even hang our coat on a hanger then place the hanger on the hook.
Or we can find a space (maybe by the back door leading onto the enclosed deck) to hang a hat rack with cubbies. We can put a basket with keys in 1 cubby and another with some frequently used mittens, hats and scarves.
You can kinda see the area I'm talking about here. That's the back door. You can just fit a rack back there without REALLY being in the way. There is a tiny radiator there too... maybe it will dry things out quickly... or burn them. Who knows.

(all rack photos from ikea. click photo for link)

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