Friday, July 1, 2011


We love the stuff. Paul takes it in drink form pretty often and I like it with a spoon. I like plain yogurt blended with fresh herbs and lemon juice to top fish or spicy chicken. I like using yogurt with sour cream to make dips. Yogurt is yummy!

I've been buying less and less of it though. I mean really... $1.00 for one small serving... get out of town!

Then today I came across this blog ->

And get this, this chick makes her own yogurt and it looks SUPER SIMPLE. It's definitely time consuming in the sense that you have to be home for a bit. But it's not exactly like you need to be home slaving over a hot stove. Throw a timer own and sit down and relax... or get other chores done while you wait.

Check out how she makes this here:

I definitely want to try this during my time of relaxation (i.e. unemployment)

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