Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Ikea Shopping List...

It's always good to have a shopping list. It keeps you from spending money on things you don't have in your budget.

  1. I want a sofa. My sister and her husband just purchased one in the kivik line at Ikea and I'm totally digging it and it's within a reasonable price range. I'm thinking a chase with love seat or a chase with sofa. I guess Paul and I will need to discuss the exact size but I think we won't have a problem agreeing on one.

  2. This $3 loaf pan. I want to try and make some bread but don't have a loaf pan. Why not get one for $3?

  3. Funnels. I will need these to fill jars and to fill my cleaning bottles (obviously I won't use the same one). They are really cheap at Ikea.
  4. A citrus juicer
  5. A new chopping board with wood treatment oil.
  6. Pillows... we desperately need new pillows. Ours are pretty gross. So I'm hoping to pick up at least 4 new pillows.
  7. Curtains... I actually really like these curtains for the bedroom and maybe even in the living room, but I'm unsure. Either these or a plain sheer, but I'd definitely like to see these in person.
  8. Coat Stand. If we decide there is even a proper place for it. If not maybe some hooks.
  9. Recycle system... I'd like 2 bins, 1 for paper and 1 for cans/bottles/plastic
  10. Lighting.... I think that there are going to be dark areas on the room... I'd like to remedy that with some lamps but I don't really know what I'm looking for until I get started.
  11. Jars... I always can use jars

We will likely not get all of this in 1 trip. The couch and maybe the bins will come 1st followed by the other less important stuff. But we shall see how it goes.

I guess some of these selections are ... well bland but sometimes bland is good b/c we can move those items with us instead of having to replace them because they don't match. I'm hoping to jazz things up with accent pillows, accent arm chairs and art work.

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