Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue Room

The blue room... I know, this picture sucks. Paul took it with his phone and we discussed how when a lady takes a picture of a room.... it looks far different from when a man does. None the less, this is all I got so this is all you get.

The room has pannels that have been painted a pale blue. I'm grateful for this. It could have looked like the ugly brown room. Anyway.... we are thinking of making this the master bedroom. We know that the owner suggested the larger front room as the master (it does have a walk in closet) but we thought it was just too much dedicated space for a room to only sleep in. Not to mention it's no where near the bathroom and is adjacent to the livingroom. That being said we thought of making that room into a game room/ office/ craft room.... i.e. fun room! And this blue room got designated the master bedroom... mostly b/c it's not ugly brown. B/C honestly, I think the ugly brown room might be bigger, with more windows. Hmmm, we may need to think all this through. I wish the owner painted BOTH rooms a light color. Oh well.

Moving on. My thoughts for this room are... light & white! So that being said I'd love to have white furniture in the room.... but our furniture is mahogany. So at least we can throw on some white/light bedding. And this is what I had in mind.

I like the bright blue in this quilt set. It's fresh and fun but it may be too green for the room. What do you think? I like it but it's hard to tell without being in the room with the bedding in person.

This bedding has a similar pattern to the one before it but with a darker more muted blue. It's still beautiful and ... I don't know why but I just love quilts. I think they are classic. I mean, there are some bad quilts out there but these to me are beautiful.
Or we can avoid the whole wrong blue fiasco in it's entirety by going completely white. I like white, but I'm scared of it too. I'm scared of yellowing shams and bedding.

In addition to the bedding, I want to add curtain panels. I'm thinking plain & I'm thinking sheer... oh and I'm thinking white!

The bedding is from & curtain is from - click on the image for website

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