Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm not on the Costco bandwagon....


I've gone to Costco tons of times with my Mom or Grandma. They are both members and buy certain things at Costco religiously (toilet paper). Anyway... I never found the need. Living solo or with just Paul has never given us the need to join a bulk buy store. I did join BJs 2 years ago b/c I thought I'd go more, but I didn't. It was a hassle and Paul moved out of the house. I found little need for that much of anything.

But now we are moving and we are thinking Costco might not be a bad idea... at least for a year. The annual membership is $50 which isn't too bad if we make good use of it and there are already a few things that we want to get before we even leave NY!

We want to get these window fans my Mom bought. They are great and will help us avoid the dreaded AC that is still not in our window. Last night we nearly cooked alive and we decided it's not worth the wait to be in Boston to buy these fans. We will use them in NY and then just bring them with us.

The 2nd is tires... we may need those sooner rather than later. Hey why not get them from Costco!

Eventually I want this tent... and no, I don't care where we buy it from.

And I love that they carry lines of eco friendly products in bulk. We don't buy a lot of paper towel but when we do, we buy 100% recycled/ 80% from post consumer. We buy far more toilet paper but use the same standard. At least most of the time. They even carry a line of eco friendly disposable products for BBQs and Parties. I don't usually use disposable, but with people in town, we may not have a choice. I don't have service for even my own entire family, let alone Paul and mine combined.

So yeah... we are jumping on the bandwagon.

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