Thursday, July 21, 2011

Accent Chair

I want to get a beige neutral couch for our livingroom, but I want to jazz it up with a cute accent chair. Unfortunately, accent chairs are a rip off! I found this chair at Target and this chair from And they are ... well okay! They are also slightly expensive.

I was thinking I could reupholster a chair that I can pick up from a thrift store or craigslist. If I'm able to do that I can save us tons of money.

Check out these great chair makeovers:

Chair #1 Chair #2 Chair #3 Chair #4 Chair #5 Chair #6

See look how good those look! Nice right? You'd never know it was a ugly old chair. So doing this will keep a chair from the landfill and keep money in my pocket. Hopefully I find the right chair(s) and have the right skill to pull this off!

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