Friday, July 15, 2011

I won the couch battle

We have a beat up old sectional that Paul wanted to bring to Boston despite it's saggy seats, broken arm rests and the fact that it's gone through 3 separate moves already. Finally, I convinced Paul that it was not worth the effort of moving the 4 large sections of this couch only to have me hate it and want to replace it immediately upon getting to Boston.

Instead we'll go the same route as my sister and buy a smaller sectional (maybe ikea) once we arrive. Paul said he thinks a sofa and a love seat or a sofa and one or 2 armed chairs. I think the chairs would add a nice touch. From a quick search at ikea I thought these might do the trick for this room - and to tie in all the colors of the 2 visible rooms...

I thought the neutral couch in dark or light tan would do the trick and be a nice neutral. Then maybe a fun patterned chair to make the room fun. I thought a chair with greens and or blues would be nice to tie it into the color from the dining room and kitchen. Andy advice?

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