Monday, August 1, 2011


We're here! So we've been officially living in Boston since Wednesday last week. Moving wasn't fun, but it was fairly smooth. My Brother-in-law & one of our friends came by Tuesday night to load the truck. Wednesday morning, Paul and I headed back to our old digs to sweep and dust and then it was 1 last breakfast with my grandma and Paul's dad and we hit the road.

We were able to load the truck in 4 hours... throwing the last piece in right before a torrential downpour started. Once arriving in Boston, we unloaded the truck in only 2 hours. Unpacking... well that's another story. We've been unpacking for 5 days and we are ALMOST finished, but not quite.

Hopefully the next few days are productive for me. Today I'm home, but Paul started work. Hopefully he has a really great day.

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