Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ugly Brown Room

I mentioned in my previous post, the infamous ugly brown room. It's ugly, it's dark, it's paneled, and it's temporarily ours. Because of the temporary part, we can't paint it, but oh how I'd love to paint it a nice light cream. I mean check this place out (click to enlarge), it's terrible. The panels are so dark, the molding doesn't match, and the room doesn't get THAT much light.

So I thought, and thought, and googled and came up with what I think will be a great solution.

#1 - I'd like it to be the guest room, as I said, it's will be the least favorite and therefore, least used room in the house. Sorry Parents, Siblings, Grandmas & Friends, you'll get the ugly brown room when you come visit. But I promise I'll do my best.

#2 - We can't change it so we'll embrace it, but we'll also cover it. At least we'll cover some of it. Instead of a headboard, or pretty bed frame, I decided I wanted to cover 1 entire wall with curtains.

Ikea is good enough to sell some wire curtain rods and for cheap. I'm hoping to hang them across one wall pulled taut. From these I'd like to hang a curtain or fabric panels in a color that would brighten but still compliment the brown panels.

#3 - Accent it with a nice bedding set that ties it all in

#4 - Keep it empty and clutter free

#5 - Add LOTS and I mean lots of levels of lighting to this dark room.

So I think this will work to improve the room. It will be a far cry from what I'd do if I had the ability and the ok to paint, but I think it will work. I quickly searched the web world for some textile ideas that will tie in together and I've come up with a few options. Let's see what the hubby thinks of my ideas though.

Here is a photo from Manolo home. Granted this room gets TONS of light and has light walls and a fabulous rug, but you can see the effect hanging curtains as a well covering can make.

To save some money, I'm considering drop cloth curtains rather than store bought curtains. I'm sure we'll need a few panels and I'd like for them to go from floor to ceiling. Google drop cloth curtains and you'll see they look like WONDERFUL canvas curtains in a nice neutral color.

Here is a good example. This one is embellished but it doesn't have to be.

I thought that this along 1 wall would bring a lighter color into the room while still complimenting the dark brown paneling. The queen sized bed can adorn a nice complimentary accent color that can be showcased throughout the room in small doses.

I think this quilt set from Walmart is adorable. I love that it is reversible. I think the obvious femininity of this quilt set will help offset the masculinity of the dark paneling. I can picture light sage and rose accents throughout the room via a small rug, candels & maybe even a throw pillow on a chair. Along with some cream accent furniture, I think this can really help the room.

However, we are trying to save money and thus, buying new bedding for a guest room may be out of the question for now. Our current quilt set is wonderful with it's pale green & white patterns, but won't do well in the light blue room. So maybe it's best to use that at least for now with a few accent pillows that I can stitch up myself. Oooo and a matching painter's drop cloth bed skirt! Hey I can do it right?

Maybe I can do pillows in one of these patterns or even frame the piece of fabric in a 12 x 12 to hang on the wall. I'd actually prefer maybe a solid bedding with colored accents, but like I said, money... tight... saving... using what we have.

click on any of the photos for their location.

Also please - send me your ideas! This room needs your help!


Paul Rios said...

I dunno if the curtain idea will work in that room...the room might be too ugly for it!

Lilia said...

That ugly huh?

Are you hating me now for pressuring you into getting this place b/c it was bigger and had a washer and dryer? Guest room... we can keep the door closed haha