Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom Rug

I can be honest. This is one of the ugliest bathrooms ever. But it's clean and it's functional and it's going to be ours. So we make do... as always :).

I wanted to make a tshirt yarn rug for in the bathroom, maybe in a bright color to draw the eye away from the dark brown ... everything in there. And I still might. But I need to color tshirts 1st and Paul is not happy with me heading to thrift stores to my more [crap].

In the mean time, I saw this and thought it was too cute!

It's definitely immature... but so are we. It's so funny and cute and silly. And it's an owl so of course I'm already in love.

There is a whole Awesome Owl collection at target, but that might just be taking this a little too far.

Paul, what do you think? (That I'm crazy?)

I mean sure we can go with something a little more grown up:
These don't even match do they?

But I must say, I also quite like this. It reminds me of our wedding... a lone tree, leafless surrounded by white. The white would also bring some brightness to the bath... and get dirty often. Though we won't be having shoes in the house. Gotta keep that carpet clean!


Paul Rios said...

I like the owls!

Lilia said...

I like that you like owls!