Thursday, January 21, 2010

Riding Log: Day 10 Plattekill

Plattekill? you ask... yes it rocks. Only 2 lifts and a few runs but those runs are a bit more challenging, have trees, and the best part... are short staffed and allow you to dip into untracked or ungroomed territory!

The morning started off slow... as it always does with the Filipino family. We didn't arrive at the hill till around 10:30. After rentals were obtained we headed to the bunny hill which was only serviced by a Tbar... that was hilarity in and of it self... watching Kyle and a board on the Tbar... followed by Lauren, Raquel, and My mom. Paul, Jomel, Paolo, Mike and I stuck around giving pointers. Kyle quickly decided after about an hour that he wanted his skis, a chairlift and some steeps. (Thanks Paul for taking 1 for the team and chilling on the bunny slope with Panda)

We took everyone but Paul and Amanda up to the top for a nice long green. Kyle was at the bottom before most people could strap in. Impatient much? Lauren killed it... she did great. The slacker was ironically Raquel. I swear it's in her head. She gets worse every year... a fear thing? I whining thing? A confidence thing? who knows! I know she's better than she looks... it's just trying to get it out of her.

I did a run with just Lauren next... we hit a blue and I got her practicing her toe edge and she even linked a few turns. My mommy proud instinct turn on. She was truly impressive! Next she said she wanted to try a black... we met Paul and Kyle at the top and took it down. The snow was nice on it. Lauren was ironically the 1st one down. Kyle was taking tight turns and needed help after a few falls. He was going into cold, tired, hungry mode and wanted down fast. At one point, ski patrol came and asked if we needed help. They seemed mad I'd take a 5 year old on a black... but once I got Kyle up, he handled his own and impressed even them. Serves them right for judging us. I blame Paul, he likes to hold hands and baby people down the mountain... at least in the case of Kyle and Amanda. I don't do that. I don't believe in it. I think it's dangerous.. and worse, if they go down the wrong trail I want them to know how to get down ... alone, unassisted, safely... even if it means going down on their but 1 foot at a time.

Anyway, he got down and did great ... just slowly. That's when Lauren and Kyle said it was break time... without any kids in the way, Jomel, Mike, Paul and Me headed up and hit my 1st set of trees. They weren't west coast tight, but they were real trees. They had rocks and dips and tight turns... nothing a novice would want to do. I took charge of that trail and hit it like a pro. I only stopped once... and only b/c my nose hit a tree that sent me down. I got right up and continued on. I didn't freak out and duck back into the trail. The best part was Paul was so proud of me! When we got home I immediately told my mom ... Mike's reaction was priceless... "Wait, that was your 1st time, but you did so much better than us, you killed it." I suppose that's because I talk less and ride more. That poor boy has potential... but he talks so much shit. It makes you want to say something... but you don't... he's Jomel's buddy after all.

Amanda had a rough last run... in the rain... with tired feet... tears and all! I'm proud of her though... she tries. I just wish she would get over her 100 fears. She will never progress with her current attitude. If that was the case, I'd say she should stick to skis... get it right... be a pro at what she likes... not a disaster at what she wants to like.

Only time will tell what the grom and gromette will do when they get older... maybe 2 plank, maybe ride, maybe both... I'll be happy with whatever it is... as long as it's on snow!

and a little plug.... **Save your gourd, wear a helmet**


Paul Rios said...

And don't forget with his new found confidence (thanks Nate) Paul was jibbing everything in site and jumping off of anything in his 6 foot mini_cliffs!

Lilia said...

Do you always talk in 3rd person? Do you like my Rider's Logs?