Saturday, January 2, 2010

Riding Log: Day 5 (Hunter)

So we had a big group head to Hunter from Jerry's and Eric's Catskills houses on New Years Saturday. It was Me, Jerry, Andy, Sach, Brent, Eric, Bonnie, Anthony & Nelson on the mountain. We broke into groups pretty much from the get. Andy and I were really antsy. Because of the immense debauchery the night before ... well all got a rough start but it seemed only Andy and I could put it aside to get the day moving. Nothing is EVER fast with Sach but he was EXTRA slow. It was insane how long it took him to get onto his board and onto the lift line.

The lift lines were insanely slow with holiday traffic. It easily took 20 to 30 minutes just to get on the lift, let alone get to the peak. After doing 1 run on the front and sitting through the quad line for a 2nd time we decided to head back to the back of Hunter. We basically spent most of the rest of the day there doing Claire's Way, Way Out, etc... As always on the ice coast, there were some icier patches but mostly it was hard pack mixed with patches of powder. The top was pretty wind swept but once you got past that it was pretty nice snow.

It pretty much ended up being Andy, Jerry and me together ... then just me and Andy. I had a blast riding with him. I mean it was really awesome. He was so encouraging but still giving criticism and tips. It overall was a good and positive riding experience which I don't always get with Jerry or Paul. I really wish Andy got to go more... especially with me ... I think we'd both improve tons. He goes much faster than me down the hill, but I think technique wise, we both have much to work on... and challenging each other would be cool. Not to mention... Sach and Brent being there helped out tons on the confidence factor... I suppose I'm not much better than them, but it felt good not being the last one down the hill the few times we rode with them. I knew I'd progressed and I knew I was pushing myself. It was a good feeling.

So day 5 was a success.. maybe the most successful day as of yet. Next up is riding with Paul and the Sierra crew in Colorado!

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