Monday, January 11, 2010

Riding Log: Day 8 - Vail

Not too much to say about today, yet there is tons to say. Today we finally had our engagement shoot in Vail, CO. You know... 9 months after Paul's proposal. Our photographer, Nate of J. Nelson Photography, was excellent. He acted as photographer, ski instructor, personal guide and all around cool dude to chill with. We both appreciated and envied him and his lifestyle.

We started out the day in the coffee shop discussing what to expect. We quickly packed our gear into his truck and were headed to the village where we were surrounded by folks headed to the Gondola. It was here that we took a few casual shots... but I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

After a bit we were back in the parking lot where we changed... moved lots and headed to the lift. Nate took us on runs that would normally make me cry. What I'd do for pictures... The best part was Nate got Paul doing his 1st cliff jumps. the 1st was about 5 feet high and the 2nd was a 12 footer! I was freaking out but excited the whole time. I just watched ... but just to do that was amazing. I had to run into some sick terrain. Boy did my board feel it. I got some nasty shots to my base and Paul's whole top sheet is starting to peel. It was so worth it. Now let these pics whet your appetite.

This trip has made us sure we are doing the right thing. The Colorado wedding is for us. This photographer is for us. And this lifestyle is for us. Most importantly... WE are for US!

Please see Nate's blog on their website...

and just a shout out Nate & Jenny are as great as I've made them sound. They are the best photographers and the greatest people. If you are interested in hiring them... they do travel and depending on when and where, they don't always even make you pay travel/lodging costs... they will treat your event like a fun day during a vacation. You really can't be disappointed and you'll wish they were more than just your photographer... you'll want them to be your friends. Paul and I do already!

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