Saturday, January 9, 2010

Riding Log: Day 6 (Keystone)

After a rough night of mexican food, dehydration, exhaustion and a mild case of altitude sickness ... we got up at 7:30, got geared up and hit the road to Keystone. Our friends from Sierra were meeting staying there and wanted to ride Keystone for a day. We'd never been and we wont object to a local's favorite mountain.

We had 3 days to ride and we weren't waiting on a tired, hung over crew to call so we got strait to it. After parking in the free lot (not all too common now a days), we hauled our boards to the ticket counter, got our 3 day passes, got into the gondola and were up on the top within minutes.

It's been a dry December/early January for Colorado and the snow wasn't what it has been in the past, but it was still niced compared to the east coast ice. After the 1st run, we ran over to the main lift area where we ran into Bru, Joel, Jenn & Shanon who did manage to get out of bed early despite the late 3AM night of drunken debauchery.

Because the snow wasn't soft pow and the coverage was thin, we stayed mostly on groomers. The groomers were fun though. There was limited ice and nice wide runs. Having so many strong riders helped me to really push myself. I had to step up my game. I probably rode faster than I've ever ridden before.

After the short lunch and beer break, Rexy, E & Pep finally came out of hibernation. We all got a few more runs in. I tackled my fear on my 1st set of rollers in the baby park. They were really fun. They weren't as challenging as I thought.

Another beer/water break past and we put in another run to get us to the bar for a few beers and the Jets game. (JETS!!!)

After that was some night riding. Unlike the east coast, the lighting was pretty limited and they close the mountain at only 8PM. Riding fast got a little harder but I kept up. I tried riding switch a few times but I kept putting pressure on the wrong leg and was having trouble switching my edges... but at least I tried it a few times. I have to keep pushing myself over this plateau and trying new things is the only way that will happen.

A few beers... my lucky donkey and some pizza later and we were calling it a night at 12:30AM. Driving back to Breckenridge felt like forever.

What a great progressive day #6!!!

Also, Pauly impressed the sierra peeps with his Snowboard skills... did I mention that's a huge turn on???

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