Sunday, January 10, 2010

Riding Log: Day 7 (Breckenridge, CO)

Breckenridge, CO with some Sierra Peeps!

The day started at 8:30AM with a short walk to the lift. The lift itself is worth talking about. It turns 1/2 way up the hill in some sort of twisted maze. All the cables crisscrossed. It was pretty nuts. It was a pretty interesting piece of engineering.

We hadn't yet eaten anything and were looking to stop for breakfast. We were told to head up the Colorado lift and grab breakfast at the lodge there... but it was closed. So we ended up paying $3o for 2 bananas, 2 cliff bars, & 2 muscle milks. I seriously can't believe how much the mountains charge for lift tickets, food and drinks. Its really ridiculous. This is an expensive obsession we have.

After that we did a few runs on Peak 8. The groomers were soft and smooth. Under the lift we found some tracked up but still good terrain. Paul was surprised when I let him know that I loved the rocks, bumps and challenge. Of course I couldn't do that all day, but it was great while my legs could handle it. I could tell Paul was eating it up... he was so sick of easy groomers from the day before.

The sierra crew finally came through and once they did, Paul split into the bowls. I went with everyone else into a lower bowl that feeds into Peak 9. Rexy and I got stock in some deeper powder on a flat and had to literally hike up to the drop in. We were so tired. We all ended up separate so Rexy and I slowly made our way back to everyone else. It was frustrating to be left behind and somewhat lost, but it was fun to have Rexy with me. After our hour long hide and go seek game, Paul caught up and the rest of the crew was all together again. Together we hit the park and Rexy and I hit more rollers. Paul hit a few boxes and did pretty good.

A few more groomers later and Bru, Jenn, Rexy, Pep & E (Sierra Crew) were ready to hit the road back to Denver to avoid the traffic. We said our goodbyes and were left to our own devices.
We spend that time doing one more ungroomed trail and then another ... my legs were going to turn black and fall off. I begged Paul to head back in... and surprisingly, he agreed.

You really can't complain about a day like this. Blue bird day in Colorado! Great Company! Challenge! Snow! Progression! Friendships!

Once it stops being fun, it won't be worth going... my goal is to keep it fun... always.

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