Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riding Log: Day 9 - Hunter

Rode Hunter Mountain with Paul, Jomel, Mike & Paolo today. It wasn't my normal crowd and it was my 1st time riding with Jomel's friend, Mike. It was a semi success. The place was packed... crowded is an under statement. The computer system that handles rentals was down and Paolo waiting on a 2 hour line to get his gear. We finally got up to the lift lines... and they had no singles line - again! It was line after line after line.

I had a pretty easy day with the guys but it was hot and I was sweating ... then I was cold. It was just an odd day. Mike talked a big game and I was hoping he'd be better than he was... but he wasn't.

Jomel improved... he's starting to get out of the funk. I'm really glad.

Paolo... well he finally learned toe edge and even linked a bunch of turns. I'm really proud of him.

All and all a fun day watching my little cousins progress... and the best part was just being together... knowing we were headed to Edwin's Cabin to meet the rest of the family.

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