Thursday, January 21, 2010

Riding Log: Day 11 Back Yard Sesh - New Kingston

Does jibbing and jumping in the backyard count as a day? Well this time it totally does... why? Many reasons:
  • It lasted hours
  • I sweat more than I do riding generally
  • I conquered many fears
  • I did things I never did before
  • It was work work work
Anyway ... so we woke up expecting 7-9 inches... well it was more like 2-3. We were thoroughly disappointed, but decided to make the best of it. Instead of driving through the hell that is New Kingston Mountain Road again we decided to have breakfast in Arkville with the family and then head back for a backyard jib session.

We got all the shovels we could find, 2 sleds, our gear and hiked up the hill. We found a clearing and started piling on the snow. We built a nice 3 foot kicker to get us started. We tracked up the hill a bit to get some speed and off we went. It was fun. You had to navigate the trees just to get to the kicker and once you did, you had to straiten out to ensure you'd stomp it out. It was fun. Then we added challenge by grabbing the bench and using it as a box. It worked... but we broke it further than it already was. The family came out to sneak a peek and all in all - good times were had by all.

I landed almost every jump and I hit the "box" 3 times... I only did well on 1.

Jomel landed his 2nd or 3rd attempt at the jump but opted out of the bench. His friend Mike hit both, but his form was all over the place... he's getting a bit ahead of himself. Hopefully with some coaching and his ego in check his willingness to put his body through hell will create a rider out of him yet.

It was so much fun! I can't wait to head back up there!

Me getting some air off the kicker

Kyle hitting it! Next time we don't make it as steep... but we keep it big.

Raquel trying it out!

Paul getting some tail press action on that bench!

Jomel getting his off that kicker

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