Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's about that time of year again

When I begin my rant towards mother nature. I thought this year would be different... I thought this year I planned it right, but no... once again, she gets the last laugh.

As I've stated many a time, my snowboard trips are always overshadowed by my menstrual cycle. I'm overwhelmed with PMS, relentless cramps and oh the bleeding. It's sometimes to much for my male friends to bare my existence. I've been cranky on and off the mountain, my body has given up on long days of riding, and my bleeding has caused me to take more bathroom trips than I'd care to take on the mountain.

None the less - you get what you get and you don't get upset, right?

I thought I timed it right. I should have been started my cycle on Saturday... long before my Thursday lift ticket goes into action. I'd have been feeling better... on the last legs of the cycle. Oh but no! Instead it came late.... way late... just in time for my trip. Just in time to reek havoc on my body. Just in time to leave me in cramps during my flight. Just in time to give all my friends and family attitude. Not good!

On top of it, I've been infected with a gnarly virus that just doesn't want to go away. After leaving me sick all weekend I finally decided the doctor had to get involved. He basically told me the virus probably just has to run it's course but to be safe he gave me a 5 day course of antibiotics which I'm to take with Musinex and Sudafed. Holy pills!

Well let's hope this trip is a success regardless! At least I wont get altitude sickness... as Steamboat is significantly less elevated than Breckenridge at a whopping 6K feet above sea level. Go figure I'd think that was small now! Haha - oh well I'm just glad to be going.

For the love of shred....

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