Monday, May 18, 2009

Best Wedding is no Wedding

Last week after much talking we came to the conclusion that the best wedding is no wedding. After the very definition of the word "Wedding" is the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed. The key event isn't the wedding... or social event, but the marriage. We decided that the marriage itself is the part to concentrate on... we will celebrate that marriage not by renting a hall, inviting many guests, ordering large sums of alcohol and food, but by living each and every day of our future completely in love celebrating with each breath we take together... our marriage.

I even broke the news to my mother after she began telling a few friends of our snowboard wedding ideas. She seems on board with the whole thing. My mom doesn't value the wedding celebrations the way most mother's do. She is much too practical... wanting us to save our money to buy a home... to support our snowboard and travel habits/obsessions, and to one day support our children. I'm glad she feels this way. Now we shall see what Paul's family thinks.

We've brainstormed some ideas and basically we've come up with this...
  • A small church wedding... being married in the eyes of God... having our religious blessing is in fact important to us.
  • Inviting our very very close family and friends only
  • Dinner at a nice venue... maybe 5 courses of tasty bliss
  • Home... home as a married couple... home as a unite of 1... home to celebrate each other.
Casual, friendly, happy, smiles. DONE!

Oh and the best part is that we won't have to wait till we saved up enough money after Paul's graduation, we won't have to wait for winter, we don't even have to have a theme, we can just do it... happily ever after.


dawnoftheday said...

I like this idea very much! I am so happy for you! As long as you are both happy and content that is all that matters :)

Lilia said...

Thank you Dawnie... its kind of unconventional... but haven't we always been that way?

I'm more than content - I'm Happy... but I miss you! Maybe we should cook ourselves dinner on Friday night... girls (plus greg and paul) night with some food?