Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My 26th Year

My 26th year is almost coming to a close. Tomorrow... I'll be 27. 27 just feels old to me. It sounds old. It seems far closer to 30 that 26. But I will bow down gracefully and accept my past 26 years and my future.

wow - 27 - its old! Lets face it!

But 26 was a big year. So many horrible and wonderful things happened during my 26th year.

1) My Papa passed away... this was maybe the biggest thing that happened. It is clearly one of the most horrible things that have happened in my life. But now he is happy... happily resting and no longer suffering. He looks down on us and I'm sure it's in love but also in pity that we cannot be in the beautiful presence of God in heaven and that we still have to wait our turns. I miss him... he knows this.

2) We moved back to Queens. We moved to Kew Gardens... strengthening my relationship with my Sister and Grandmother, my relationship with Paul, our relationship with Paul's family, and finally our relationship with our Queens friends. It's also afforded us the luxury of living in a large apartment, cooking our own meals, having our car - yet still indulging the benefits of "city life".

3) I have watched and supported Amanda begin her age as a pre-teen. I can't quite explain how this is a good thing, because her growing up is quite sad... how the time has gone, yet it is a good thing. All of us MUST grow and she is growing into a magnificent young woman. I've very proud of her... despite her small 10 years, I look up to her.

4) I've watched Kyle turn 5... I've seen his spoiled tantrums and I've also seen his mature moments. I've seen how close Paul and he have gotten and I'm grateful. Despite his lack of a father figure - he has one... in Paul, in Bryan, and in all the positive Men he's had throughout his life... starting with our Papa.

5) We got engaged. Can you believe that?!?!

oh and the travel!!!

6) I had the chance to go to Whistler, BC and Punta Cana, DR! And that is only because I ran out of time. 27 will hold much more traveling in my agenda!

7) Paul got into MIT - SLOAN!!

I suppose thats it ....


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Kat said...

You're not old; you're vintage!!