Friday, May 15, 2009

Lonely Planet

It's mid May and thus far I've had the privilege of going to Whistler, BC, Punta Cana, DR, and I will be going to Mayaguez, PR, and hopefully one of the following:
Valla Nevado, Chili
Bariloche, Argentina
Croatian Coast

We were thinking of a European vacation - then thought maybe doing a US West Coast road trip - then we thought of South America for some snowboarding. What to do what to do.

It will be our Engagemoon... and yes this term does exist outside my head... too bad, I thought I came up with it. Anyway, even before the proposal, we thought it would make sense to do a 1-2 week trip just the two of us... to experience each other wholly and soley before his big move to Bean-Town. Whatever we do, wherever we go, the most important thing is to indulge in one another until we are so sick of each other, we'd actually enjoy some time apart.

Paul showed little interest in helping plan our vacation, but made sure to comment often on my ideas. I gave up and stopped planning. After all, I cannot do all the work all the time. Then I mentioned snowboarding and it lit a fire under his ass and he began researching to excess. It was how a possible South America trip was born.

I'll be honest, I love to snowboard and I miss it tons, but going on another snowboard vacation, however exotic, however far away, even just the two of us leaves me worried. Lets face it - when we are on the mountain, Paul is less interested in me and more interested in riding. I cannot blame him... he has snow under his feet infinitely less than he has me laying in his bed. And its his passion... its something he is good at and loves wholeheartedly. For that, I say, if S.A. is where we go... yey at least he'll be happy. I'll be happy too... just happy alone much of the time. Maybe I'll skip some days and go to the spa and have a massage... maybe I'll ski in the mornings and go shopping in the afternoons. Either way, I better start that Rosetta Stone program or he'll have to stick with me 24/7.

Anyway - here we are ... him at home and me at work frantically looking up flights, car rentals, hotels, dates, options... so that we can compare and contrast and figure all this out... in the end he emails me about snowboard camp... something I could never go to... something he wants to do for his birthday. It makes me sad... he's more interested in snowboarding than what this trip is supposed to be.

We shall see where we end up this summer...

Croatia's coast - off the Adriatic Sea:
Old buildings, much culture, fishing town, good food, beaches

Croatian Sea Kayaking (in the Adriatic) off one of the 100's of Islands

Barriloche - Cerra Catedral:
Snowboarding galore in S.A. - view of lodge and express quad

Bariloche - Cerro Catedral: View from the peak overlooking the lake

Valle Nevado, Chili - Middle of no where... houses only 70 people, desolate, snow

Valle Nevado, Chili - Middle of no where... serene beautiful

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melissa. said...

when in the world did you get engaged?! congrats!