Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm purging my electronic life... it began last year when I decided Myspace had to go. Lets face it... people literally stopped talking to me based on pictures... apparently it showed who I liked more. They were angry when I went out without them... evidenced by posted pictures. Most of all it was a window into lives I shouldn't have cared about. I decided - it was time to go - and with that I clicked DELETE.

But soon Facebook became nothing more than a Myspace replacement... I realized that it too had to go. I've not missed either and have been ever happier without their updates, pictures, and "friends".

I went into all my old email addresses and deactivated all accounts. Why do I need 4 email addresses? Especially when the majority of emails are spam or forwards from used to be friends.

Today I began the last bit of the cleansing process... I went into my AIM/GTalk and began deleting people I don't talk to. I don't need to see their screenames or read their away messages... purge purge purge.

It's the theme for Spring... PURGE FOR ITS SPRING CLEANING TIME!

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