Monday, May 18, 2009

Chinese Food, Fun Station, Kisses

This was a busy weekend. Very busy.

Friday night was dinner amongst PwC friends. 11 course Chinese dinner in Flushing -

It was filled with bottles of red wine... 4 of them, 1 bottle of champagne, jelly fish, shrimp, crap, chicken, pork chops, rice, and more. I got 2nds, then 3rds, and soon after I lost count. It was filled with laughs, friends, spouses, jokes, and smiles. It was good to catch up. It was good to remember. It was good to forget. It was good to do it surrounded by food... it was good to eat surrounded by people. The kind table next to us, offered cake... delicious cake. We were all grateful.

Saturday morning consisted of soccer games... up early breakfast on the rode we headed up to Carmel. I watched proudly as Amanda played. As a newbie on the field, I was proud of her improvement and love for the sport. They still tend to play like bumble bees but in time... improvement.

While Amanda played Kyle and Paul went wild, running around, giggling, tackling, kicking... being boys. Kyle had missed Paul, not having seen him since Easter. He asks for him all the time. Paul's his buddy, a mentor, a future brother-in-law. Since getting close with Paul, Kyle's added to the list of things he wants to be when he grows up: Animal Saver (like Amanda), Snowboarder, & Engineer. I wonder where those last two came from.

Kyle's game was a disaster. Kyle was tired, cranky and overly excited for his birthday. He whined but got a few good plays in. He had a nice assist... which I don't think he did on purpose, but who cares.

We rushed home, got washed up, got our skates and headed to Fun Station. It's like Q-zar meets laces. It has a roller skating rink, a laser tag arena, and enough token games to make you broke. They started with Pizza, then ice cream cake, and after having had enough sugar, they got in line, got divided into teams and then began what most considered the funnest part of the party... Laser Tag. The BIG kids played too... Me, Paul, Bryan and Nicky. Kyle on the Green team with Bryan and Nicky... and a bunch of little friends and Me, Amanda, Paul, and a bunch of little people on the Red. Fun was had by all... big and littles alike. The Red team took the win in the 1st 1/2 and the Green in the 2nd.

Soon after, skates were put on and those who wanted to give it a go made there way around the oval listening to some old pop music. It was a scene from laces circa 1987. And of course the tokens were disbursed and chaos ensued. Bells ringing, tokens dropping, tickets printing, laughter ... lots of laughter.

It came to an end with sweaty, red faced, happy children being picked up by there grateful parents. A parents best gift is a tired child... especially when they are meant to be tired... at night.

After dinner at Chilis and some gift opening, Kyle and I did my most favorite of activities... DANCING like CRAZY people in the living room. Having asked for his very own radio (Kyle LOVES music), we played some songs and he sat and relaxed but soon realized some dancing was in order. Together we hopped around, boogied down, and giggled in circles... some songs inspired us to fly like airplanes while others inspired flailing arms and jitterbug legs. Its one of my most favorite Kyle and Lilia moments yet... and when Amanda and Lauren joined it... it was bliss. But Amanda... pre-pre-teen that she is... saw a camera approaching and ran away. Too bad for that self-conscious time between childhood and adulthood - a time some don't grow out of.

Sunday was tiring... It started with banana pancakes... my mom's specialty. Following that was camping packing, cleaning, lunch, shopping... and house cleaning. I cleaned and rearranged Kyle's room. He finally has a room he can call his own. I then did the same to Amanda's. Now the big feat will be if they sleep in them. You have to see Kyle's room... I EVEN WANT IT! It's great.

Next... my room! Maybe tonight... after a Monday manicure of course

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