Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco De Mayo Festivities

So yesterday I met Jerry and Meghan at Mustangs on the UES... it was fun. I met a couple of her coworkers and as usual had a good time with Jerry. Meghan seems awesome for him too... she is good looking, energetic, fun, open, and all in all she seems to be a good catch. I'm happy for him. They seem really happy together... hopefully he doesn't fuck it up!

4-5 Sam Adams later (yes, you heard it... even on a Mexican celebration, I don't drink Mexican beer...unless its Negra Modelo) I found myself tired and dreading the commute home. Needless to say I rested my tired head on Paul's shoulder and fell fast asleep on the subway ride home... only to have him wake me out of my groggy state at our stop. We walked home... and I walked strait into the kitchen... stuffing myself with the last slice of quiche (delicious by the way), Hummus and left over curry chicken...

This is exactly why I don't drink anymore... seriously was that really necessary after 4 tacos? Probably not.

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