Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How I've become PR Bound

It was supposed to be a boys trip... Paul, Andy, their dad... done. Bonding. Man Time.

Then they changed their mind... man time can wait... I am not invited... and I have 12 hours to make a choice... do I stay or do I go?

After thinking it was not worth just going for a weekend ... and still taking 2 days off of work... just to travel and see nothing, I was awarded with aggravation and frustration from Paul. I have a feeling he just really wanted me there... but rather than say, "Lilia I know it doesn't make too much sense but just come because I really want you to be there and I want you to meet my family"... he said - "do what you want... we planned this, we are going, we invited you, if you come, come, if you don't dont" ... all while yelling.

I figured I'd opt out... it was a lot of money, 2 vacation days... and for the miniest of mini vacations (not to mention Paul's rudeness... turn off!).

We made up and after I drifted off into my comatose like sleep on the couch the following exchange happened:

Paul: Lilia, wake up!
Lilia: Huh?
Paul: Are you coming or not....
Lilia: Convince me
Paul: You can meet my family, we can go to the beach, relax, its a vacation\
Lilia: Okay
Paul: Okay I'm booking
2 minutes later
Lilia: Why did you wake me up? Now the music in my head is off!

Yes, ... he still booked the flight... because apparently he still thought I was coherent enough to make this decision... this morning he had to fill me in on the previous nights events... damn you wine induced sleep!
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico - is the town where Paul's Father grew up...
and where I'll be spending a weekend in June
I will finally meet his family there. It is supposed to be the 5th largest city in PR and home to the islands only zoo. It boasts west coast beaches and city life all in one.

Topical view of Mayaguez

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i am going to stick myself in your suitcase!