Monday, July 6, 2009

Birthdays, Independence, Birthdays

This weekend proved that I am no way the weekend warrior I once was. There were parties, celebrations, drinks, dinners, and more parties, celebrations, drinks, dinners.

Thursday, after a busy day at work I went over to Bellerose to have a BBQ for Paul at his Mom's house. It was filled with rain, good food, good company, some wine, and an overall enjoyable night.

After I talked Paul into a deep coma-like sleep as I ranted about people I won't waste anymore energy over.

Friday we got up and had some fruit and homemade blueberry crumbcake. Got a slow start to the day... dressed... and went to Crabtree's for lunch which was fun, calm, relaxing, and delicious. Paul had a very fluffy Quiche and I had a Crabcake over salad. It was paired with my mimosa which I never crave but was craving for some reason (they didn't have pear juice for a bellini).

That night I took Paul downtown for dinner at Bathazar's ... some sardines, steak tartar, boullabaise, and bronzini later... oh yeah and great beer, great desert and great sambucca... we met up with Shane, Colby, Richi, Puv, Dave, Abe, Nelson, Brian and Grace for some drinks that lasted till the next morning. Good times had by all!

Saturday was a late start... not getting up till 12:30, we cleaned some in the apartment... I spend some hours ironing and then got dressed... off to Andrew's apartment in NYC for the BBQ and fireworks. His apartment was a duplex with an outdoor patio and a rooftop deck. The food was good, the company was good, the music was good, the view was to die for... it was a good time.

Again after a late night, I wasn't up till noon... and had some homemade banana bread with Paul for breakfast. We then parted and I went down to get a much long over due manicure and pedicure... some fuchsia nail polish later and I was on my way home to put on my party dress and head out to Lauren's future father-in-law's 50th Birthday Shin Dig at El Patron in Queens.

Some margarita's and Negra Modelo's later... I was in a comatose sleep ready for work the next day... booooooo

All and all a successfully unproductive weekend

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