Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was very upset regarding the no pets allowed of ANY kind policy from our building... but the reasons have been weighing on me for quite some time...

1st) our hall is disgusting. The lobby is filthy... I am almost certain someone's dog pees in the doorway and doesn't clean it up. There is a layer of filth just fermenting there that the super never cleans. And near the mailboxes, one of the tenants was so terribly dirty that you could see baby cockroaches coming from under his door. How crazy is that!? Thank GOD they have never traveled up and that the exterminator has done his job. Also we supplement by purchasing our own spray and spray our apartment every few months. I'm pretty sure we are the cleanest people i the building.

2nd) Our super is useless, she is an elderly woman who basically is unable to perform even the smallest tasks on her own. They call in someone to do all the work and it can take up to a week just to get your tub snaked... talk about unable to shower! It's terrible!

3rd) This super is a hoarder... who knows what critters and bugs may live in HER apartment due to the large quantities of garbage piled up along her walls... it's probably also a fire hazard. Not to mention the crap she collects in the basement under their side of the building - I should really call 311 and complain for my own safety.

4th) The apartment didn't up painted or with the smoke/C.M. detector required by NYC

5th) The neighbors downstairs have 5 people living in a 1 bedroom apartment! Aren't there rules about this shit!?

6th) 1/2 the residence have cats or dogs in the building

7th) We called our landlord who before allowing us to introduce ourselves cursed us out and hung up on us. We are pretty sure he is crazy ... why did I sign the lease renewal again?

It's easy to deduce why we get treated like crap in our community... we are neither Russian or Jewish. Our neighbors don't smile at us or say hello... they avoid us like the plague even when we try to be friendly. These people are racist and rude. I'm coming to the conclusion that I may want to find a new place to live if not for this year, then maybe next year before Paul comes home... it would be nice to know where Paul will work in the future. Then maybe we can start looking at homes for purchase... so we can start fresh... in OUR own home... married etc...

Our place SUCKS!

So with all this disgusting activity going on in this building I'm not allowed to have a pet... no matter if its a Dog, Cat, Caged pet, tanked pet, NOTHING

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