Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Blogs: They are strange... you begin reading some strangers blog and you get trapped... you want to know what happens next ... whether its about their relationship, their children, or fun arts and crafts to try... I want to know!

It's also dangerous. My blog is not private however I've disabled it from coming up in searches... what I mean is... if someone searches snowboarding for example... my blog wont come up. I figure it helps with some added protection. I try only to use 1st names on my blogs but even that seems to divulge too much information. Maybe I need to consider being more discrete. I definitely want to disable to ability to copy pictures off by blog. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

And lastly, it's a bit tedious. I've had thoughts and ideas that I've wanted to write about... but once I actually have the time, I'm either lazy to or the thoughts have already left my mind... oh well.

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