Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shop vs Save

So I'm broke. Not I'm too poor to pay rent broke, but I'm definitely digging into my savings. There are obvious reasons....
  1. Snowboarding
  2. Whistler
  3. Punta Cana
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. Birthday Camping
  6. Family Camping
  7. Kayak School
  8. Camping with Paul
  9. Amusement Park
  10. Lauren's Shower
  11. Lauren's Wedding in General
  12. Family Obligations
So I've spent more than I usually would this year... and it's only July. I've been considering this a bit... I mean, I was hoping to go to Europe this summer... that got put on hold after I realized I depleted most of my vacation days.... bad planning on my part. But in the end, we'd be paying a premium to book last minute, so why not wait and get the most out of our trip.

So now I need to think about how I've been spending... a few pricey dinners... sure. But that's unavoidable sometimes... if you are meeting friends, you are bound to spend. But for the most part, I've kept myself from shopping nearly all spring/summer long (aside from a few things for Punta Cana and 2 pairs of cheap sandals). Normally, I'd be spending my paycheck away on the cutest summer dresses, high heels, cute outfits, etc... but I didn't. Sometimes it sucks... I see all these cute outfits on so many women in NYC and I wish I could go out and get the same, but I wont. I've promised myself I'd save... that I'd spend more wisely. After all.... It's the experiences you spend your money on that matter... not what you are wearing while you experience them.

I intend to look back on my money spent and smile... because it had afforded me so many wonderful experiences this year. Hopefully come the fall, I can save some more despite being the only person living in my apartment... I'm sure I can handle it. And after I've saved it... maybe I'll spend it... on more experiences! And I wont regret it!

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