Thursday, July 16, 2009

Camping Frustrations

We leave for our camping trip tomorrow. I'm very very excited! But I'm also a little annoyed. Because we were so tired on Sunday night leaving my Mom's house so late, we forgot to bring a few things we may find necessary on this trip... a grill, citronella candles, the cooler, etc...

We remembered the really important stuff like the sleeping bags, tent, and lantern, but still... what were we thinking.

The grill... we have a backup - so we are okay

The citronella, we have bug spray - okay again

Cooler - yeah we don't know. We may need to borrow from someone... hopefully someone who has a good sized cooler.

When I was trying to explain to Paul what needs to go into the cooler, he snapped at me. I try my best to make sure we have a good time. I call the places, I book the sites, I find out about the kayak classes, I even make the menu and pack the food... not to mention cook it once we are there. I just wish it was appreciated. I just wish I was spoken to with respect... like I was a human being. This is the person I'm about to marry... and he snapped at me while my baby brother was within ear shot. Will he do this when we have kids?

It leaves me much to think about. I refuse to be treated less than I deserve... and we ALL deserve respect at the very least.

Hopefully he realizes this throughout the course of the day, the weekend, his life... and doesn't forget it. He and his mother talk like that to one another... you'd constantly think they were fighting. They argue and whine like small children. To an outsider they seem like enemies, but this is just how they talk. He forgets, I'm not his mother, and I don't communicate that way. It will only lead me to get angry and in the end fight.

Ugh - why do people have to be so insensitive... (mind you I have my moments, which he will show me numerous times... but he thinks he's a saint!)

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