Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Paul's Last Day

Today is a big day for my Pauly... It's his last day working at ZS Associates. I must admit my impression of ZS is filled with both happiness and ugliness.

This company wanted Paul to work for them - even though he had no marketing experience. even though he had no consulting experience. even though he was an engineer. even though he was coming from Michigan. even though he would be residing in NY and putting in for a transfer.

This company allowed us to have our 2 years together... in one state... in one city... in one home.

This company caused Paul to sit on a train for 2 hours or more in each direction because he was never transfered to NY. This company gave small bonuses and raises for the work performed. This company made Paul work late nights on Fridays when he did no work all week. It was inconsistent at best.

But this company was placed on his resume... broadened his skill set... made him a more valuable asset to any company he will go to in the future... and provided him with recommendations that ultimately helped him achieve his goal of attending MIT Sloan's MBA program this fall.

I'm proud of Paul... for learning something new. Enduring a long commute to be together. Working hard. Being happy.

Congratulations - on your last day of another chapter in your very promising and successful life!

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