Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Common Interest

Yesterday I'd written about having a hard time meeting people with common interests - primarily athletic or outdoor related activities. I doubt I'm the only one.

Paul mentioned that I might be able to find people via craigslist - so I gave it a whirl. Instead I came across 2 websites that act as a forum to link people with similar interests. One was purely paddle/kayak related, but the other was for a number of activities. This website is

I figured it was worth a shot so I registered. Let's see what happens... I'm hoping to link up with people who are interested in white water kayaking and this coming winter, I'm sure I'll be looking for additional snowboard buddies.

I'm still trying to avoid facebook - though it did allow me to reconnect with people from the past who had similar interest, it also reconnected me with bad habits, bad company, and a huge distraction.

wish me luck!


dawnoftheday said...

good luck! ps i am dying to go white water rafting! so let me know when you go :)

Lilia said...

I've done it a few times... but the water is never REALLY that white. I've only done class 1 and 2 rapids never 3-5... maybe a portion was a 3 but not bad.

I'm always down to go... Kayaking too... my now fav water sport. Just let me know and I'm down for the trip.