Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tired but worth it

Last night, Kyle slept over. It was a lot of fun. After a long ride on the F train, Paul picked up M.Y. and we went off to Taco Bell (Kyle's choice) for dinner. M.Y. is leaving for Chicago tomorrow so we had to up the day I went to visit. After that we went to her house and she made us Kyle's coveted pecan tarts.... yummy!

The plan was to take Kyle to mini golf but he had a change of heart as the sun started to go down. Instead he just wanted to go back to my house. A few video games later and a cup of jasmine tea (his request) we went off to bed. He and I on the bed and Paul on the couch. He fell asleep a lot quicker than I thought he would. He had a good night... we cuddled and he did his usual feet on my chest move but it was okay.

I wasnt used to sleeping with such a little body, so I slept lightly, but its okay.

He woke before the alarm clock this AM and I took him into the livingroom to see Paul. I left them playing in the livingroom. Paul's going to take him out for a bagel breakfast and then to his mom's house for a visit... (she lives near a park).

Then they will trek back to midtown on the F train to bring him back to my Mom.

I treasure all my moments with my troll and twirp. Next time Troll will be in attendance as well ... at least I hope so.

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