Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Am I a hippie or just cheap? It breaks my heart to cut so many fresh flowers for a destination wedding. Many of those flowers will be thrown away while still looking madly beautiful because they can't be taken home. Maybe some will end up on hotel room tables for a few days and left there once it's time to head back east. And to think these flowers will cost over $100 a table is just outlandish. So I thought about alternatives.

Being that we are having a winter wedding, I thought the room should be dim and enveloped with candlelight. I want the room to be dark but not too dark where you don't feel comfortable eating. I want the white gleam of the candles to illuminate the room and give a soft glow. I want my guests to be mesmerized by the endless white outside the floor to ceiling windows facing the mountain. I want them to dance the night away and love the feeling the room evokes. So here were some of my ideas or rather, other people's ideas that I stole (pictures from various sites on google images. Click for direct link and enlarged image):

This last one is currently our 1st choice with so many levels of candles. But we don't know about those pine cones.


Katherine said...

It's highway robbery, I tell you! If this was local, you know damn well we would have knocked that shit out with ONE trip to AC Moore! In any case, I love the blu-ish pic which is second to last, but I think it's due to the lighting. Let her take off the pinecones. We can bring that stuff ourselves and craft it up the night before. My mom and I will sacrifice luggage space to bring whatever you need. No worries. =)

Lilia said...

Yeah those are white rather than brown branches. They either spray paint them or bleach them depending on who does it. The lighting is nice but I'm not paying extra for the lighting I don't think.

I think I'll just dim the lights in the room and hopefully the candles do the trick.