Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm confused. I'm tired. I need a break. But that break won't come.

This morning was that type of morning where you just knew you should have called in sick. I decided to stay by my mother's house last night - and I slept in a room with my brother in sister (because it had AC). The AC made my thoat sore and my brother's movement kept me up most of the night. No sooner did I go to bed than I was waking up to head to work. After getting dressed and having a cup of coffee I was off to the train.

While on the train I got a text from my boss that he'd be calling in sick. This is fairly typical for him... he seems to only get sick on Mondays. But last week his son was sick, so I'll let the low blows slide today.

Once here, I rushed to get some things to our VP, who is also not in. I suppose in the end though, this is all blessing's in disguise. I can run home and pick up items I had forgotten (that I'll need for my court date tomorrow) and I won't be hounded too much during the day.

But then of course I spilled coffee on my dress.

It's just an annoying day - not a bad one - just annoying. So many things going on - I'm just overwhelmed.

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