Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Table Linens

Yes, right now I have table linens on the mind. Why? you may ask. Because my wedding venue does not provide full length table linens so I am currently getting quotes to see how much more expensive it would be to rent table linens.

The picture above is the ballroom we will be having our reception. As you can see, there are square linens on round tables which are definitely not floor length. I find them to look to casual. They look like they are set up for a bridal shower or a luncheon rather than an evening wedding reception.

So here is my dillema - we are already over our wedding budget. Is it really worth it to rent linens that have a floor length drop? The venue has offered to double up the linens at alternating angles to cover more of the tables, but will that be enough.

Also - colors.... what a head ache. I think we will go all ivory. We are likely not doing flowers either but tons of candles. Talk about non-committal. Why commit to a color when you can go completely neutral.

Ugh I need a fashion designer or at least a wedding planner.

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