Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Springtails - eww

So last night as I laid on my bed I noticed a little, almost microscopic insect on my chest. when I tried to smash it, it jumped. I found 2 more on my floor next to my bed. I did some research today and it seems that these are springtails. How gross. They apparently appear in large quantities, but I only saw 3.

I immediately spayed insecticide around my bedroom interior walls and allowed it to dry. How disgusting though.

I must clean the house thoroughly though it doesn't appear that this will help. During the beginning of spring when the days were growing hot but my buildings heat was still pumping high, I found these small bugs in my bathroom. They freaked me out and I scrubbed the floor and insanely sprayed insecticide. Now after finding them months later in my bedroom I was forced to research what these little bugs were. I feared baby roaches but thankfully that is not the case.

These little bugs are drawn into homes via windows and doors and sometimes drainage pipes. Being that my windows are constantly open and that they are tiny enough to fit through the screens, that is likely the form of entry. Not to mention - It's an apartment with holey walls. They are drawn to humid areas and areas with moisture. My bathroom radiator leaks and creates puddles on my bathroom floor. It is seriously horrendous but my landlord wont fix it and with my cheap rent, I don't really complain more. Near this radiator is exactly where I 1st saw these little pests. Now I am finding them in my very hot and humid bedroom. With this summer heat and no AC, there is really no way to avoid the humidity. Hopefully the insecticide works and I don't have to worry about them much more. I hate to use chemicals so harsh in my home, but bugs are gross and I couldnt help myself.

EWWWW it sure does make you itchy all over doesn't it?

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Leah said...

Did they go away when the temperature got cooler? Did you eventually just move? I just moved into an apartment that is 1st floor- the basement is damp and moldy, the apartment above me is vacant due to water damage months ago... and I FINALLY got rid of the centipedes by using a dehumidifier. But I have some springtails in the bathroom and kitchen. I just found some in the dishwasher today and am horrified.