Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweat heart table vs head table

Here is yet another thing I didn't think of but must. Wedding receptions are far more complicated than I had hoped.

My reception hall includes a head table as part of the package, but I thought to myself that a head table may not be the way to go. Traditionally the head table is reserved for the bride and groom and their attendants. The SO's of these attendants are seated at other tables. I am not a fan of this. It's hard enough being the SO of a member of the wedding party, let alone having to sit with strangers or eat separately from them.

So because of that I asked her if she'd be able to instead provide a sweetheart table. A table for just Paul and I. She agreed that this is possible but she'd like to seat us near the fireplace, alone, with our cake so that we can be the main focus. I know that it's our wedding, that alone makes us the focus. I don't know how much I want to be separated from our guests.

So once we get to Breckenridge, we are meeting with our coordinator to figure out the seating arrangements. I'm hoping to convince her that sticking our table right smack in the center of everyone is the way to go. Who knows though, maybe she'll convince me otherwise.

Do you agree, a sweetheart table > head table?

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Katherine said...

The few weddings I have been to where the couple was seated at their own sweetheart table up on a dias, away from everyone, the couple ended up mingling around the other tables instead of staying at their table. I would go with the table being among your guests so that everyone can get to you guys for well-wishes and pics. It's up to you, though.