Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

As many of you know... my birthday was Friday and due to my Mom's work schedule, she had to travel to Haiti last week. So I spent my birthday babysitting... and it was great. I drove up to their place on Wednesday after work and got right to it. We did homework, cleaned up and hit the sack. On Thursday, I went to work, they went to school, and then we regrouped. We packed up for Friday's after school trip to the Catskills.

On Friday, I had to volunteer at Kyle's kindergarten. I was the teachers helper on my birthday... surrounded by loud 5 and 6 year olds. But it was fun. They were polite for the most part and Kyle's teacher is great. I helped sort through papers, answer questions and cut some projects they needed to start later that day. After the kids celebrated May and June birthdays, we were off to the grocery store to spend way too much money on way too much food for our trip upstate. After all, Friday night was to be just us. But while there my Grandma called and informed me that they'd leave Friday night to see us and celebrate my birthday and that they did... arriving at 11PM, just in time. After a late night of munching on food, BBQing, hiking, cleaning and setting up, we headed to bed.

Saturday started early. We made breakfast, hiked in the woods, started up the 4 wheelers, played games and goofed off. Soon the whole tribe was there and we were playing with water guns and running quads like it was our last day up there (but it was our 1st).

Sunday came the big pig roast. The kids played, the adults cooked, and us in betweens did a little of both. We managed to sneak away for an hour and hit the river where we went swiming and climbed on a fallen log. We jumped off it into the neck deep water. It was about 6-8 feet high. Even Kyle and Amanda did it. I was proud of my little rascal brother for taking the plunge. He was definitely scared. We headed back and all the food was done! The pig came out delicious, as did the clams, fish, macaroni salad, corn, beef stew, noodles, and everything else that we ate that day! It was so yum. Then the Mah Jong set was taken out and the playing and drinking began.

Monday, we all woke up tired. We went out for breakfast and came home and started tidying up. We went back to the river (a different spot) and went for a dip. Then it was time to head back, get showered, clean up, pack up and head home. That's exactly how it worked... but it took a lot longer with all the food, toys, kids etc...

After the drive back to my Mother's house (she already got home), I was so tired. We had dinner and my Mom asked me to stay, so I did. I took the train into work and back on Tuesday, had dinner, hung out till 9PM and hit the road to Queens. Getting home was nice but it's also sad. It means the MDW is over.

I was greeted by wilting plants and a film of black smog on my floors. I left the windows open and yes NYC filth comes right in and invades everything, especially your windowsills and floors. I have much cleaning to do.

But over all my birthday was a successful weekend despite the important missing loved ones in my life. Paul was in Chicago doing his thing for work, my Mom was in Haiti then at home relaxing, and my friends were up to their usual memorial day antics, but I had my Grandma, my siblings, 1 of 2 cousins, 1 of 2 uncles and aunts, and an extended uncle and aunt who by the way, made my birthday extra special by making tons of my favorite foods and helping out by taking over much of the cooking process.

Thanks to everyone who made turning 28 not as painful as it could have been.

Delroy (the neighbors dog) came for a visit when we arrived. Amanda had a blast chasing him around the property.

Kyle was a happy boy swinging around on the tire swing

Here he is mid swing

We went for a hike in the woods at just about Twilight. Amanda took the lead.

We found tons of clover

Kyle and I were on a quest to find the old tree stand. We eventually found it... fallen over and falling apart.

My Birthday Cake Made My Katherine - Queenie Cakes
(Thanks for my surprise cake made with my favorite colors and favorite animal... PIGS)

On Sat A.T. went for her 1st ever quad ride with Amanda - brave woman!

This is the face Lauren gave me ... apparently I was annoying

Apparently this is Filipino bug repellent. Smoke... it is also people repellent.

A girl and her dog... at least one of them

My grandma, preparing the stuffing for my Birthday Gift

A close up of the yummy goodness

Everyone lounging around while the kids run circles around the property on the quads

Waterguns - a must on hot summer days

Yes that's my bday gift - a pig. And yes, that's my brother, kissing it. Unsanitary for the pig and my brother but funny indeed.

Designated pork baster - Bryan.
Which is probably why the skin was not crispy - leave it to a guilo

My Birthday gift - and it was tasty!

Spinners :) my Aunt and Uncle

My grandma relaxing in the woods after all that chopping

Jomel - AKA Slowmel relaxing

Kyle, dominating on that 4 wheeler... or as he says it Qwa-ad (2 syllables)

The only picture of me. It appears that I'm thumbs-uping Bryan, but I was doing it for the pig!

Another shot of the speed demon!

Mahjong - a family tradition and obsession!

I do not advocate fur but my uncle's girl does - Amanda found this carcass in the closet and thought she may be able to scare some people in the woods - pretending to be the bears that have been sited on properties on the block all weekend. You have to admit, it's a scary site and it was creative!

Kyle with Amira dressed in her luau finest! (poor dog)

On my way home from my Mom's I stopped at the lake and grabbed my camera. It's definitely blurred but i thought it was still a great shot considering it was dark outside and I have no tripod.


Paul Rios said...

And a certain Mr. P.O.Rios was the first to call you at 12:01am to say Happy Birthday!

Lilia said...

which certainly explains why I was so sleepy

Katherine said...

I love the pictures!! I'm glad you had a nice birthday! =)