Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There are a few things I take very personally. They aren't serious things to most. They are things spoken about without passion by most people. But for me, these are things that drive a force inside me that cause unending love, excitement, tears, anger, and all other very heavy emotions.

We are well into the the 3rd games of the first round of the world cup and I understand that many fans, particularly US fans only care about soccer during the world cup. They don't watch the qualifying games, the friendlies, or the club teams - but I do and that's okay. What really bothers me is the losers who don't care about soccer AT ALL and yet find it necessary to comment on every game and worse yet, to comment on every fan. I hate comments like, these aren't even fans. People only care about soccer once every 4 years. In my opinion they should just shut the fuck up. Like who are you to dictate who is and who isn't a fan. I suppose for someone who doesn't care about soccer they sure do complain about it a lot. Ugh it frustrates me.

And the other thing I take personally is snowboarding and EVERYONE knows that. Give me a break.... I love it so much and when people down play it... it basically makes me think less of you for telling me it's not a big deal. I firmly believe that something I love doesn't need to be something you love, but I also believe that people shouldn't criticize others for what they are passionate about.

Okay I'm going to end my rant here.

I'd love the US soccer team much better if they'd be rid of all their fake US fans - and more so - the people who say they aren't fans yet can't shut their ugly mouths about it.

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