Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Escort Cards

We don't have a wedding theme per say. We aren't draping the room in a single color with a complimentary accent. We aren't choosing all pink and green floral. We aren't even too fussy about the wedding party attire - we are aren't too held back by the traditional matchy matchy that is usually associated with weddings.

What we do have is a beautiful snow covered mountain back drop and lots of food and alcohol for all! Our save the dates were pretty nifty. We sent small realistic lift tickets. At least they resembled lift tickets - wickets and all. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to upload currently and our home computer isn't working.

I was thinking of incorporating this into our escort cards. My idea is to print lift tickets for each of our guests with their names scripted on the front. Each lift ticket would be for a particular mountain that Paul and I have ridden on. These mountain resorts would represent the table the guest is assigned. My dilemma had been how to present these escort cards. I could lay them flat on a escort card table, but that would look very unkempt and cluttery. It is still an option, but not my 1st choice.

After a little google digging, I found a possible solution. I can purchase a 120 spool thread holder and spray paint it navy blue and hang the lift tickets from there. With lots of candles on either side of this contraption, it'd be a nice focal point for guests to walk up to during cocktail hour and collect their lift ticket.

It's an idea - after all - this is all a work in progress.


Paul Rios said...

I like it!

Katherine said...

I love the idea, but how would you get it there? (And you can actually use it for thread and crafts when you're done with it! Good thinking!)

Lilia said...

good question - maybe I have to mail it there in advance. Those things aren't cheap either. We need to start trolling the thrift stores!