Thursday, February 10, 2011

Devotions for Couples

The One Year Devotions for Couples was written by David and Teresa Ferguson. They are a married Christian couple who have a marriage much like anyone else. It is a marriage filled with love and problems.

I’ve never read a devotional before but I think this is going to be the start. The way this one is written is that you conquer a chapter a day which discuss various topics. It works best if you do it as a couple, but in this case, I’m the only one doing it. Per the authors, even if only 1 member of the couple follow this, it is bound to bring positive differences to your relationship.

I began a little late so I read multiple days worth over a few days in order to catch up which I now have.

The themes covered in the book are:
1. Acceptance
2. Admonition
3. Affection
4. Appreciation
5. Approval
6. Attention
7. Care
8. Comfort
9. Compassion
10. Confession
11. Consideration
12. Counsel
13. Courting
14. Deference
15. Devotion
16. Discipline
17. Edification
18. Encouragement
19. Enjoyment
20. Entreaty
21. Exalting
22. Exhortation
23. Forgiveness
24. Freedom
25. Gentleness
26. Grace
27. Happiness
28. Harmony
29. Honor
30. Hospitality
31. Instruction
32. Intimacy
33. Kindness
34. Leadership
35. Love
36. Mercy
37. Peace
38. Praise
39. Prayer
40. Protection
41. Rebuke
42. Reproof
43. Respect
44. Security
45. Service
46. Support
47. Sympathy
48. Teaching
49. Tolerance
50. Training
51. Trust
52. Understanding
I know I know – that’s a lot. You cover about a topic a week. Each day you explore a different aspect of that theme. Most of the chapters begin with an excerpt from the Bible. It then gives an example of what it means. Then there is a short prayer (usually 1 or 2 sentences) asking the Lord to help us follow Jesus’ example in our marriage. And then it moves into a real life example from the author’s marriage. And it ends with a thoughtful question to ponder.

So far I think it’s been a great read and I find that it is an easy way to interpret and see Jesus’ teaching in every day examples. This devotional is geared towards married couples but I’m sure even those not married can find it helpful.

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